Thembalethu Home Based Care,HIV and AIDS NGO in South Africa

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Welcome to the Thembalethu Home Based Care Website


Our Vision

“The communities we serve are free of new HIV infections and those impacted by AIDS and poverty are provided with support services that ensure dignity and promote self-reliance.”

Our Mission

“To provide services which motivate individuals to contribute to a dynamic civil society which cares for all vulnerable children and alleviates the suffering of families affected by HIV and AIDS and poverty.”

In the region of Nkomazi, in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa, bordering with Swaziland and Mozambique, the HIV/AIDS situation is bleak. Medical practitioners report that the incidence of HIV infection is as high as 50% placing Nkomazi among the highest infected communities in South Africa. In addition, local government hospitals estimate that 90% of their beds are used for AIDS-related illnesses. After two years only 1000 patients are on antiretroviral treatment (ARV) from government hospitals in Nkomazi, with an unknown number under treatment from private doctors. Poverty levels are high with 65% of the community unemployed.

By June, 2007, Thembalethu identified more than 4,500 orphans and vulnerable children in the villages in which we operate with over 350 households that are headed by children aged 16-18.

Thembalethu home based care (THBC) offers home based care, orphan care, spiritual counseling, social welfare, garden projects, burials, health services and food parcel distribution.

The impact of HIV is starting to be felt among the youth as more and more of them are dying. THBC formed “Youth In Action”as the HIV preventionprogram which is based on the “Abstinence & Be faithful” platform. Youth in action programs offer a positive and proactive alternative to the typical rural lifestyle which offers little in the way of leisure activities or sports.

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The project is located 3km from the border with Swaziland and 45 km from the Mozambique border.

Registered as a Section 21, non-profit organization, under the Companies Act, Republic of South Africa.
Registration number: 2001/021802/08